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Monday, January 27, 2014

How to tear fabric strips for using in rugs....

Making rugs is very theraputic for helps me relax and gives me an outlet for my creative self.
That said....i hate tearing the fabric into strips...or better yet, i hate preparing the fabric to be torn.
The ripping part is kinda fun!! 

There is a bit of work you have to do before you get to the rippin part:
1. you have to lay your fabric out and measure it at 2" intervals:
2. make a 2" cut at every interval:

Now...this can be a bit confusing...that's why i thought the video would be great...but the stinking thing wouldn't load!!

Start grabbing the strips, odd in your left, even in your right. When you have them all together...hand the strips in one hand to your partner, grab, hold tight....and pull!! The fabric will start ripping into strips! 

YAY!!'re thinking....great, got these strips what?

You take the ends of each strip, fold them over about 1/4", then make a snip with your scissors:
See, now the ends of each strip should have a little hole:
That's you have a bunch of strips to use in your next rug!! 
Maybe you like to can join the strips and crochet a rug! 
I'm sure there are many different ways you could use these fabric strips...not just for rugs!! 

Let your imagination run wild!! 

I'm off now to get workin on my newest project....a 5'x3' rectangle rug...yep..another rectangle!! 

Aren't these colors awesome??
Until next time, 

God Bless!!




  1. You are a freaking genius! This is a great post. Good job Tonia. :) I'll be back to learn more about your rug making.

    1. Thank you GreyGirl!! I value your opinion!! lol

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