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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another Toothbrush Rug....

My very first rectangle rug...completed and soon to be delivered to its new home!!

 I had alot of issues with this one...the first being it is smaller on one end than the other, and the second, it took me awhile to figure out how to get it to quit "bowing". It kept taking the shape of a rainbow...and you can still see that a little on the bottom of the rug. 
I'm proud of myself for doing it...but i think i will stick to the oval and rounds!! 

Here are the colors of the new rug i'm working on:
It's a 2'x3' oval:
I just started it and its coming along nicely. I love these colors....very prim and country!! She has great taste...LOL!
Making these rugs bring me so much pleasure, especially when i know that the people who buy them love them too! They are so comfortable to stand on and are SOOOOoooooo easy to take care of....just throw them in the washing machine and then the dryer...even though i always hang mine outside to dry....they regain their flat shape quicker that way! 

Even though i am having fun with these poor lonely hooking loom just keeps staring at me...LOL!!
Its been sitting so long that i actually had to dust it off to make it presentable for this photo!! Ha ha! 
My fingers are just itching to hold the hook and get going! 
Making the toothbrush rugs is fun and quick, and i love it, but there is something very special about hooking on my loom! 

Its almost like painting a picture, but instead of paints and a paintbrush, i use a hook and wool! 
Watching the wool strips turn into a piece of art is very fulfilling for me.

Just talking about it is getting me all excited to start another project.....

Soon Loom....very soon!!

Well, have to get going and work some more on the rug!

Until next time,
God bless!!



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