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Monday, January 6, 2014

How Beautiful!

This is a picture from my side door....That tree is even more gorgeous in person! 

Would've taken a better pic from a different angle, but the drifts over there are over a foot!!! 

And only getting bigger....the winds are whipping at 20-24 mph...with sub-zero temps!! 

So what to do when you are stuck at home?? 
Create of course:

Hopefully i will have these torn and rolled into a ball soon so i can start another rug. I need another accent color or two i think though....what do you think? A color that will make it "POP"! 
What i really need to do is go thrifting and find some more sheets! My stash is getting REALLY  low...and i can't have that! 

When the weather clears and the kids go back to school ...its the first thing on my list of things to do...poor me! LOL

If you are any where near this cold front, please stay indoors and keep warm....and don't forget to tend to your animals! They get just as cold as we do!

Until next time, 

God Bless Ya! 


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