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Friday, January 24, 2014

My Great Find....

One day while thrifting...looking for sheets and wool...i came across this cabinet:
I walked by it...stopped....backed up...and fell in love!!
The best was only $20!!! give you a back story, i have two daughters,18 and 11, and they share a room with one little closet. 
If you have daughters this age, you know a little closet isn't enough for one, let alone two, girls! 
For $20.....this was a cheap closet!!! 
My mind started reeling!!
My youngest loves music, and the vintage look, so i was totally in my element!
Plus, my oldest daughter wanted no part of putting her clothes in an old metal cabinet...her loss! 

So...bought some black rustoleum, and an old vintage music book, and Modge Podge,  and got to work...

Here is where i would insert a photo of me working..if i would have thought of use your imagination:
Me in my paint clothes, smears of black everywhere, my hair stuck to my face thanks to some unruly Modge Podge....
you get the idea!! 

And here is the finished "closet":
 I painted the outside and inside with the black paint, then Modge Podged the outside of the doors with the vintage music paper...

My daughter loved it!! The picture doesn't do it justice.
It turned out so well, that the oldest tried to change her mind and said she wanted it....TOO BAD!! LOL!
 its a mess already...but you get the picture...i only painted the inside with one coat because  i was going to use the paper on the inside too, then didn't have enough, oh well. I also used the paper on the shelf that! She puts all her crap...i mean girlie stuff...on the top shelf and uses the doors to hang her belts, scarfs and that one medal!! 

So glad i came across this cabinet!!
 It is one of those things that she can take with her when she moves one day...and it can be easily changed to fit her style! 

Oh the joy of thrifting! 

Until next time, 

God bless, 


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