The Primitive Roost...

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Big Reveal.....

I had so much fun working on these projects..and i learned some really new things too! 
A perfect day of crafting i might say....well day and a few nights too...a busy mom never has the time to finish one project in a day...not to mention more!! LOL
This is my "I don't know what it is " item....Reminds me of the chalice from Indiana Jones!
Here it is now:
I used some chalk paint...which i made myself (plaster of paris mixed with a smidgen of water...then mixed into my acrylic paint) and then i scratched off some paint to reveal the brown underneath. 
The last step was waxing it with Minwax finishing paste.
The Minwax paste was very hard to find in my area...i even had two older gents stare at me like i was crazy when i asked.
I did they know i am crazy?? I have never met them before...hee hee.
I have a feeling that now that i found it (Home Depot!!!!) i am going to find alot of projects that are going to NEED it!
Isn't this just wonderful?
Still don't know what it is...but i'm sure i can find a spot for it!

Another great idea i was able to try this weekend was making new wood look like old barn wood....i have been DYING to try this and finally did.....AWESOME!!!
Here is the new wood....they are just very primitive made "boxes" that i use on my craft table to give me extra space...and they were just too "new" looking for me!
And here is one of them after the treatment.
I know you can't really tell because my camera SUCKS!!
But i swear they really look like old barn wood!
All you do is soak some steel wool in apple cider vinegar! 
Those are the "magic" items....simple right?
You are supposed to let the wool soak overnight..i didn't even wait one whole minute! 
I'm impatient like that.
Take the wool and squeeze out the excess....and swipe it on the wood....i went with the grain...but it never said specifically.....
New is simple!
You have to wait until it dries before you really see it...but you will!
You have to try it!
                                 Now for my favorite project..
                 The one i have been waiting to make for Me!!
Its a picture of my a natural moment...laughing at me of course! The reason i do what i heart...and i have been waiting to freeze this moment forever!
What you need:
a piece of wood ( I found mine at walmart...looks like a wooden canvas)
Modge Podge
sponge brush
picture printed from your computer

1. You have to trim your photo to fit
2. Paint the whole front of your wood with Modge Podge and   place the photo...right side down...on top of the modge podge. 
 3. Put another layer of Modge Podge on top.
4. A very important have to wait for it to dry completely!! And this is hard for me...but you have least a good 4-5 hrs...but preferably longer!
                             See how you can start to see the colors starting to show through???

5. Get a soft cloth...i used a cut up tshirt and its what i prefer..and get it wet, squeezing out the excess water.

6. Using very light pressure...rub back and forth removing the paper. This takes a lot of time..but it is well worth it. If you get will get little edges that you can grab and pull on lightly. This will start to take off the paper more quickly. 
Once you get the paper peeled all the way off...take the rag and rub lightly...taking off the rest...when you are doing will understand what i mean! Keep doing this until all the paper residue is off. When you are done...let it dry completely.  
Your photo is now transfered!! Isn't this exciting!! Now you can embellish it any way you want! 
I also like to seal it with an extra coat of Modge Podge at this point!!
On this one, i cut some scrapbook paper and modge podged it to the bottom and stamped a cute saying on that. Then i painted the edges a tan color and dry brushed around the photo edges with a dark brown:

Now I can hang it on my wall!!
I love how these look.
And don't worry if you rub some of the picture off...or there is a "crinkle" in it...that just gives it character! 
As you can see in mine....
They are so awesome and everyone is going to want you to make them one when they see me!

I'm off to finish another project i started....
This ball of fun used to be some pillow cases.....


Until next time,

God Bless,


Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day In Michigan!!!

I love looking outside my window and seeing such a peaceful scene:
It is so peaceful and beautiful......

But walking outside it hits you smack  in the face with a biting wind and sleet mixed in...HOLY COW!! 
I battled with myself deciding if i should send the kids to school ...and was reassured by others that it was safe enough...

That leaves me with a full day of "ME TIME"! 
 I know...what is that you say??
This means i can do whatever i want with my time today...
AFter cleaning my bathrooms and some laundry of course...
I am still a mom and some things just have to get done!!
Yesterday i stopped by the local Salvation Army Thrift Store and found a few things....such as some really awesome pillowcases which i am going to rip and crochet into some chair pads for my kitchen table. I have been looking for just the right ones to do this project for some time and was so excited to find four different designs that work together so well! 

These are some more "treasures" i found yesterday.
I'm not sure what you would call the wooden "thing"..but i'm going to paint it with chalk paint and see what happens.
For a small price of $2.99....i can't wait to see!!
And the wool paid $2.99 for three skirts which gave me all this!! 
I can't begin to tell you how happy that makes me! I love to put it in my wool cubby and see the colors mesh with the other wool...
makes the creative wheels start turning!

And these are the supplies for today's "must do" project!
I made some of these for my mom and sisters..and have been waiting for the wooden piece so i could make my own...and today is the perfect day! 
I know the suspense is killing ya all...but you will have to wait to see what this will become!
You are going to want to do one yourself ...i promise! 

Until next time....I hope you get to enjoy your day as much as i'm going to enjoy mine!!

God Bless,

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Some days are just made for relaxing.....and today was NOT one of those days!!

I awoke about 2 hrs later than i wanted to...which put me so behind schedule...which gets me all worked up and stressed out..and GEESH...i haven't even had my coffee yet!!

Then i promised my little man that i would make homemade waffles....they were awesome...but threw me off my schedule even further! 

While cleaning the kitchen...i came across the bag of goodies i was supposed to make into a valentine treat for little man's class. 
Pretzels, m & m's, and Hug kisses!
 Well.....what kind of mom would i be if i didn't make good of my promise i made and had to postpone because i was terribly sick??

So we made treats together!!

He did an awesome job....and he even took this picture!! I think its great!! Probably better than me!

They were so good...but then i had to clean up after THAT mess!  Hee hee!
I did manage to clean the laundry room, kitchen, one bathroom, living room, and vacuum most of the i still did good.

After cooking a sunday dinner of roasted chicken, asparagus, roasted red potatoes, and corn, i had to clean the kitchen again!  Whew....what happened to relaxing on Sundays??

Now i am getting ready to light a candle, cozy in under my quilt, and start hooking on my newest project:
It's a table runner with three acorns across the center. I already like the way its turning out!

I was going to go to my craft corner and do some painting:
But my craft corner happens to be in my bedroom...and dear hubby has decided to go to bed early tonight after eating. Poor thing has worked two weeks straight and lots of overtime during the week!! So i decided i wasn't going to complain!! 

This box used to be a planter...but because my thumb isn't green...the plant is no longer with us! Hee hee!!
I took the plastic liner out and decided i am going to use it as a recipe box. 
Its also a music i don't think i can line it with fabric the way i wanted...but that's ok...i might just leave it black...i won't know til i get started!! 
Found some artists paint at Hobby Lobby on sale the other day for less than $ of course i have to try it!
Then sand ...and stain..and make it prim. The front has a window that i can put a pic in many options there!! 

I'm off now to light that candle and get cozy!

Until next time,

God bless,

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Thought i would just take a moment to say....


THis was the special treat i made for my family to show them how much i love them!!
I hope you get to spend this day with those you love!!! 

Until next time,

God Bless,


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to bind a hooked rug....???

I know i have said this before...but i taught myself how "hook" a rug. 
Its not very hard...pretty easy once you get started and really get the hang of it.
This was my first attempt at hooking with wool strips....i didn't even have any kind of frame and had to use an embroidery hoop. Not my favorite...but it worked! 
And here it is finished...don't mind the cute little doggy face smiling at ya!! I'm  a "hooker" not a photographer...LOL!!
I caught on and have done several projects using both wool strips and wool yarn...i love both textiles for different reasons.
                 This  one is made using wool yarn.....
               This one is made using wool fabric.....

The one problem i have had learning how to hook is how to bind the rugs when i am done...i have searched..and searched...and searched...and finally...FINALLY...found the perfect instructions!! 

She shows the best close up pictures and explains each and every step...because...hey...we aren't all experts who know all the lingo if ya know what i mean!!

So i thought i would share in case anyone else out there was wondering like myself.

Until next time!

God Bless,

Monday, February 11, 2013

Woolie Ball Update.....

My Woolie balls are awesome!!!
I mean AWESOME!!!
One of those things you wished you would've known about sooner...or remembered you pinned the darn thing and made them when you said you were gonna!! That's more like it!! LOL
My drying time went from an 80 min. cycle (and sometimes longer) to a 60 min. cycle! Wow!!!
And because the balls are in there crashing around your makes them softer!! 
    Who knew these cute little animals could mean so much to me!! 
Their wool saves me money, makes me money and keeps my sanity!! 
On a totally different note:
   I made some homemade granola the other day.
My family loves granola.
We eat it for cereal.
We eat it for snacks.
We eat it on yogurt.
It is so easy to make and you can add almost anything to it to adjust it to your families liking. I can't put nuts in mine because then the kids couldn't take it to school, and they love Dried cranberries and yogurt covered raisins. And sometimes if i am feeling very nice and they promise to tell me how wonderful i am at least 10 times each...i will throw some chocolate chips in there!
Seriously...they have to tell me how wonderful i am...hey..a mom has to hear it somehow!!!  LOL
Here's what ya need:
8 c. of old fashioned oats
3/4 c. brown sugar
pinch of salt
sprinkle of cinnamon

Mix these in a large bowl really well. 
This would be the time you could add coconut or nuts if you like.
Then, in a smaller bowl, mix:
1/2 c. oil ( i use vegetable)
3/4 c. water
2 tsp. of vanilla
Slowly add the liquid mix into the oats and mix thoroughly. 
Place onto two cookie sheets and put in a preheated 250* oven.
Bake slowly for 15-20 mins.....take out...stir and put back in oven. Bake for another 15...take out..stir and continue until it is dry and a nice golden brown color. 
Be careful because it can burn on ya real quick towards the end!!
When its done...let it sit out until it is completely cool.
Now you can add whatever you want to make it special:
M & M's
Chocolate Chips
Dried Cranberries
Yogurt covered raisins
Dried Apricots
You get the idea!!
I like to bag mine in snack bags so the kids can just grab them and go...and if you think it makes too much for your family to eat at one time...i freeze half of mine in a freezer bag!!  It freezes wonderfully!
So go ahead...give it a is easy...healthy (depending on what ya add!) and your family will love it!!

Here is my new project in the works:
Its my family rug:
1993 was the year my husband and i met
Two sheep = my husband and i
And three hearts at the bottom are our three kids.
I know you can't see all that...but its there...and if i ever get off this darn computer i will get it finished so you can see it! 

Until Next time...

God bless,

Friday, February 8, 2013

Woolie Dryer Balls.....

It's no secret that i love pinterest...a lot of crafts have been waiting patiently while i spend my extra time perusing the pictures there! 
You can find everything there....
from patterns and recipes...
to cleaning tips and excercise routines...
My latest find...
Woolie dryer balls!!
You add them to your dryer before drying the load and they bounce around aerating your clothes ...making them soft, static free AND cutting down on the drying time!
This means that you spend less money on electricity and you don't have to buy fabric softener sheets!!
Here is what you need to make yours:
1. one skein of 100% wool  (i get mine at Hobby Lobby!)
2. one pair of nylons

That's far so good. start wrapping the yarn around two of your fingers, slide it off and start wrapping the yarn around the little wad of yarn you just made...technical ...right? LOl
Keep wrapping until you have a ball smaller than a tennis ball but bigger than a golf ball.
Now cut the string and tuck the end under so it is anchored into the ball.
                        one skein of yarn made six dryer balls for me
You have just made your first ball!! Easy!
Continue until you have used all your skein made six...according to the pinterest only need four. one of your balls into the nylon leg and push it down . Then tie a knot above it. Now do the same with the rest..making sure to tie a knot after adding each ball. This will keep them from fusing to eachother. 
You are almost done!!
Throw them into the washer machine (i washed them with a load of whites!) on your hottest setting...then throw them in the dryer on the hottest setting..remove them from the nylon and they should be fused...if not..repeat washing and drying process...That's it!! 
You are now ready to use them!
    I have seen ..also on pinterest...that you can soak a piece of tshirt in fabric softener, let it dry and use that as a fabric softener i am going to try that with one of the dryer balls.I am a sucker for the smell of the dryer sheets and don't want to give that up. 
I am listening to my dryer now using the balls for the first time and i don't hear them bouncing around which is good. I will let you know how well they work in my next post! 
I'm off now to make some homemade granola for the week.

Until next time!

God Bless,