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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Rug.....

There is nothing better to me than having a new project to work on....i love to use my hands, and a new project keeps them moving! 

I started a new facebook page with the intent on selling some of my work, because let's face friends and family only want so much...and my husband is constantly reminding me of how "little" space we have left!! LOL

My page is also called..."Tonia's Primitive Roost". ...and ya know, i already have two orders!! 
Both orders are for toothbrush rugs which i love to make! 

First one is browns:
 I love the look of neutrals!

The customer requested a rectangle this was new to me...another thing i love...learning new things! This is the starting chain....doesn't look like much...but it will become a beautiful rug! is the rug in the beginning stages. She wants a 3 x 2 to use in front of her kitchen sink...i think she will be pleased!
 A closer look of the colors....i love how different fabrics can work so well together...who knew!!
 Well...i better get going and work some more on the rug before the littles and hubby get home. Can't get much done with them under foot!! 

Until next time, 

God Bless!!!


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