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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Moving Right Along....

I have been a Busy Little Bee lately!!
Finishing orders and getting ready for more! 
I am in a rug makers heaven!

This is a 5' x 2'....Love the purple colors!
 This is a 2' round, made from the left over purple. The owner had given me fabric she wanted to use to make her grandma a quilt. The quilt was never made because her grandma passed. I felt very honored to create this knowing it had such special meaning!

 Another 2' x 3' husband wanted to keep it ...can you guess why?? 
Here's a hint: He loves to hunt and has 4 deer heads hanging in our front room!!
 Now this one i wanted to keep...LOL!
It was done using dark, country colors. This picture does not even come close to the real colors...not sure why?
You have to see this one to get the real beauty of it...
They have all found their way home..except the green one, but she should be receiving it today...i can't wait to see the picture of it in her home!! 

I'm like a foster mom who took really good care of them, showed them all love, but then have to hand them over to their "real" family! 
It's bittersweet!

I'm off again to work on a new rug! 

Until next time, 

God bless!! 


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