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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It sure has been awhile!

Just testing out the has been so long since i've posted, i need to make sure i still know!

I wonder if i still know how to share some photos??
 A beautiful Ombre style rug....
 My Hand~Hooked/Amish Knot combo used to make a candle mat...
And i learned how to make a heart shaped rug...a little wonky...but isn't that why we love handmade?

Thank you for hanging in there...and letting me experiment!
I think its time to start blogging again....i miss it so!!

Until next time,

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I've Been Very Busy.....

Here are just a few of the rugs i've been working on....
All sport themed:

Detroit Tigers:
Ohio State:
 And then i had to throw in some Michigan love:
And finally a Detroit Lions!!!
 I had a lot of fun making these, and of course i made others in between! 
I can make any size, but these 2' x 3' ovals seem to be the most popular! 

If you are interested in the thought of having a one of a kind, handcrafted rug that will last you forever, come visit my Facebook page: 

Send me a message and we can go from there! 
I accept Paypal.
This works even if you don't have an account...i send you an invoice via email, and Paypal securely handles all the rest! 


I need to get going...i'm experimenting with making baskets!! 

Until Next Time,

God Bless!! 


Friday, February 21, 2014

What? ..Another Toothbrush Rug for sale!!

Here we go again...another Toothbrush Rug for sale....its time to make some room for new rugs!! 

This one is 30"x 25"....i love the dark blues against that green! 
Very pretty!!
This one is also $45.00  plus $12.00 shipping...unless you live in Canada...then shipping is $20.

I can make these rugs in any color and in any size. If interested in a custom order...feel free to leave me a comment and we can get all the details!! 

Its nice to be able to accent your home with a one of a kind piece of work that is very durable!! You can just throw these in the washer machine and dryer, even though i like to air dry mine! 

Until next time, 

God Bless!! 



Thursday, February 20, 2014

Toothbrush Rug for sale!

Here it is first official Toothbrush rug for sale on my blog....

I hope it finds a great home!! 

Sorry....this rug has is on its way to its new home!!!

This rug is very durable and done in Spring colors....we could all use a little Spring right now i believe!! 

Until Next time,

God Bless!!


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Belated Valentine's Day....

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day.....
        spent with all those you love and hold close to your heart!

This isn't a big holiday in our house....i feel like we always show our love for eachother why should we go out of our way to show eachother love on that day?

With that said....i still always do something special.....nothing big....but something none the less:

I saw these cupcakes on Pinterest and needed an excuse to make them....yeah....that's why i made them!! lol

First you make your favorite flavored cupcake using your favorite batter....
         My fave is devils food cake....CHOCOLATE!!!!

Then you take a cookie cutter in your favorite shape...heart here for Valentine's Day.

Push the cutter down into the top of the cake, lift, then pull up the cake from the SIMPLE! 

Next take icing of your choice, put in a corner of a baggie....push it down, clip the corner off and squeeze the frosting into the outlined shape!! 

These are perfect for making to take to your child's classroom or any function where you would have to transport them.....the icing stays flush with the cake so there is no messy frosting getting anywhere!!! 


I will be making my little cakes like this from now on! 

This finished lovely made its way home today!
  The new owner requested it be done in Detroit Tigers colors....i think did a pretty good job .....

          These "themed" rugs can be a little difficult. Finding the right colors can become quite a challenge! 

       But i'm always up for a i'm on to an Ohio State themed rug!! LOL!! 

The fabric has been purchased and all i have to do is tear and roll! 

The worst part of the whole process!!!
Time to sign off for to get to tearin!

Until next time, 

God Bless!!



Saturday, February 8, 2014

Moving Right Along....

I have been a Busy Little Bee lately!!
Finishing orders and getting ready for more! 
I am in a rug makers heaven!

This is a 5' x 2'....Love the purple colors!
 This is a 2' round, made from the left over purple. The owner had given me fabric she wanted to use to make her grandma a quilt. The quilt was never made because her grandma passed. I felt very honored to create this knowing it had such special meaning!

 Another 2' x 3' husband wanted to keep it ...can you guess why?? 
Here's a hint: He loves to hunt and has 4 deer heads hanging in our front room!!
 Now this one i wanted to keep...LOL!
It was done using dark, country colors. This picture does not even come close to the real colors...not sure why?
You have to see this one to get the real beauty of it...
They have all found their way home..except the green one, but she should be receiving it today...i can't wait to see the picture of it in her home!! 

I'm like a foster mom who took really good care of them, showed them all love, but then have to hand them over to their "real" family! 
It's bittersweet!

I'm off again to work on a new rug! 

Until next time, 

God bless!! 


Monday, January 27, 2014

How to tear fabric strips for using in rugs....

Making rugs is very theraputic for helps me relax and gives me an outlet for my creative self.
That said....i hate tearing the fabric into strips...or better yet, i hate preparing the fabric to be torn.
The ripping part is kinda fun!! 

There is a bit of work you have to do before you get to the rippin part:
1. you have to lay your fabric out and measure it at 2" intervals:
2. make a 2" cut at every interval:

Now...this can be a bit confusing...that's why i thought the video would be great...but the stinking thing wouldn't load!!

Start grabbing the strips, odd in your left, even in your right. When you have them all together...hand the strips in one hand to your partner, grab, hold tight....and pull!! The fabric will start ripping into strips! 

YAY!!'re thinking....great, got these strips what?

You take the ends of each strip, fold them over about 1/4", then make a snip with your scissors:
See, now the ends of each strip should have a little hole:
That's you have a bunch of strips to use in your next rug!! 
Maybe you like to can join the strips and crochet a rug! 
I'm sure there are many different ways you could use these fabric strips...not just for rugs!! 

Let your imagination run wild!! 

I'm off now to get workin on my newest project....a 5'x3' rectangle rug...yep..another rectangle!! 

Aren't these colors awesome??
Until next time, 

God Bless!!