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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Big Reveal.....

I had so much fun working on these projects..and i learned some really new things too! 
A perfect day of crafting i might say....well day and a few nights too...a busy mom never has the time to finish one project in a day...not to mention more!! LOL
This is my "I don't know what it is " item....Reminds me of the chalice from Indiana Jones!
Here it is now:
I used some chalk paint...which i made myself (plaster of paris mixed with a smidgen of water...then mixed into my acrylic paint) and then i scratched off some paint to reveal the brown underneath. 
The last step was waxing it with Minwax finishing paste.
The Minwax paste was very hard to find in my area...i even had two older gents stare at me like i was crazy when i asked.
I did they know i am crazy?? I have never met them before...hee hee.
I have a feeling that now that i found it (Home Depot!!!!) i am going to find alot of projects that are going to NEED it!
Isn't this just wonderful?
Still don't know what it is...but i'm sure i can find a spot for it!

Another great idea i was able to try this weekend was making new wood look like old barn wood....i have been DYING to try this and finally did.....AWESOME!!!
Here is the new wood....they are just very primitive made "boxes" that i use on my craft table to give me extra space...and they were just too "new" looking for me!
And here is one of them after the treatment.
I know you can't really tell because my camera SUCKS!!
But i swear they really look like old barn wood!
All you do is soak some steel wool in apple cider vinegar! 
Those are the "magic" items....simple right?
You are supposed to let the wool soak overnight..i didn't even wait one whole minute! 
I'm impatient like that.
Take the wool and squeeze out the excess....and swipe it on the wood....i went with the grain...but it never said specifically.....
New is simple!
You have to wait until it dries before you really see it...but you will!
You have to try it!
                                 Now for my favorite project..
                 The one i have been waiting to make for Me!!
Its a picture of my a natural moment...laughing at me of course! The reason i do what i heart...and i have been waiting to freeze this moment forever!
What you need:
a piece of wood ( I found mine at walmart...looks like a wooden canvas)
Modge Podge
sponge brush
picture printed from your computer

1. You have to trim your photo to fit
2. Paint the whole front of your wood with Modge Podge and   place the photo...right side down...on top of the modge podge. 
 3. Put another layer of Modge Podge on top.
4. A very important have to wait for it to dry completely!! And this is hard for me...but you have least a good 4-5 hrs...but preferably longer!
                             See how you can start to see the colors starting to show through???

5. Get a soft cloth...i used a cut up tshirt and its what i prefer..and get it wet, squeezing out the excess water.

6. Using very light pressure...rub back and forth removing the paper. This takes a lot of time..but it is well worth it. If you get will get little edges that you can grab and pull on lightly. This will start to take off the paper more quickly. 
Once you get the paper peeled all the way off...take the rag and rub lightly...taking off the rest...when you are doing will understand what i mean! Keep doing this until all the paper residue is off. When you are done...let it dry completely.  
Your photo is now transfered!! Isn't this exciting!! Now you can embellish it any way you want! 
I also like to seal it with an extra coat of Modge Podge at this point!!
On this one, i cut some scrapbook paper and modge podged it to the bottom and stamped a cute saying on that. Then i painted the edges a tan color and dry brushed around the photo edges with a dark brown:

Now I can hang it on my wall!!
I love how these look.
And don't worry if you rub some of the picture off...or there is a "crinkle" in it...that just gives it character! 
As you can see in mine....
They are so awesome and everyone is going to want you to make them one when they see me!

I'm off to finish another project i started....
This ball of fun used to be some pillow cases.....


Until next time,

God Bless,


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