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Monday, February 11, 2013

Woolie Ball Update.....

My Woolie balls are awesome!!!
I mean AWESOME!!!
One of those things you wished you would've known about sooner...or remembered you pinned the darn thing and made them when you said you were gonna!! That's more like it!! LOL
My drying time went from an 80 min. cycle (and sometimes longer) to a 60 min. cycle! Wow!!!
And because the balls are in there crashing around your makes them softer!! 
    Who knew these cute little animals could mean so much to me!! 
Their wool saves me money, makes me money and keeps my sanity!! 
On a totally different note:
   I made some homemade granola the other day.
My family loves granola.
We eat it for cereal.
We eat it for snacks.
We eat it on yogurt.
It is so easy to make and you can add almost anything to it to adjust it to your families liking. I can't put nuts in mine because then the kids couldn't take it to school, and they love Dried cranberries and yogurt covered raisins. And sometimes if i am feeling very nice and they promise to tell me how wonderful i am at least 10 times each...i will throw some chocolate chips in there!
Seriously...they have to tell me how wonderful i am...hey..a mom has to hear it somehow!!!  LOL
Here's what ya need:
8 c. of old fashioned oats
3/4 c. brown sugar
pinch of salt
sprinkle of cinnamon

Mix these in a large bowl really well. 
This would be the time you could add coconut or nuts if you like.
Then, in a smaller bowl, mix:
1/2 c. oil ( i use vegetable)
3/4 c. water
2 tsp. of vanilla
Slowly add the liquid mix into the oats and mix thoroughly. 
Place onto two cookie sheets and put in a preheated 250* oven.
Bake slowly for 15-20 mins.....take out...stir and put back in oven. Bake for another 15...take out..stir and continue until it is dry and a nice golden brown color. 
Be careful because it can burn on ya real quick towards the end!!
When its done...let it sit out until it is completely cool.
Now you can add whatever you want to make it special:
M & M's
Chocolate Chips
Dried Cranberries
Yogurt covered raisins
Dried Apricots
You get the idea!!
I like to bag mine in snack bags so the kids can just grab them and go...and if you think it makes too much for your family to eat at one time...i freeze half of mine in a freezer bag!!  It freezes wonderfully!
So go ahead...give it a is easy...healthy (depending on what ya add!) and your family will love it!!

Here is my new project in the works:
Its my family rug:
1993 was the year my husband and i met
Two sheep = my husband and i
And three hearts at the bottom are our three kids.
I know you can't see all that...but its there...and if i ever get off this darn computer i will get it finished so you can see it! 

Until Next time...

God bless,


  1. Hi Tonia, I heard about those wool balls but never tried them...I may just have to...and I may just have to try that yummy looking granola! Have a great day!

    1. You definitely should try the woolie won't regret it!!
      And the granola is YUMMY!!
      Thanks for stopping by :)