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Monday, March 18, 2013

Another one down......

Well....i finished another project! 
I'm not very happy with it...and will probably redo it...but for now it is done!!
 I bought this little cabinet a few years back at a Goodwill store for $4....what a steal!! 
It had a little door on the top compartment with a heart cut into it, but i removed it. 
I started by painting the inside of the compartments with a creamy color,then splotched them with a few other colors for some depth...and that is the part i don't like.  I repainted them at least 3 times and still couldn't get the look i i forged on!

  Then i took some scrapbook paper i had and modge podged it to the back of every compartment. I made the paper wet, crinkled it then put it in place. I love the way it ripped in places!
After all that dried...i made some brown chalk paint and painted the outside, waited for it to dry,sanded some edges and waxed it! 
Now darnit!! 
I know i took pics of the finished project...and i simply can't find them!! 
Oh well....i will take some tomorrow in better light and post. It looks so much better....but still not quite what i was after!!

Not only do i love to craft...i love to craft things with a purpose!
And i am very into giving back to the community.
Nothing makes me happier than when i can combine those two things together!!
So .....i am going to hook a rug for the Relay for Life auction that will be in  few months! 
I have never done this before and i hope it makes alot of money for the cause!
Here is a pic of the handdrawn pattern i created:
I have all the wool picked out...the burlap foundation i have to cut the strips and just start hooking!! This pattern is pretty prim..and i'm sure it will look alot different when its done..but you get the picture. 
I can't wait to get started.
Its time for me to get off here..
just had surgery and i'm supposed to be resting...shhhh!!
Don't tell anyone!!  LOl

Until next time,

God bless!!


  1. OMG! You totally can't post something without the after pic - it's killing me. I wanna see so you better post it soon. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I know who you are are usually the only one reading my posts...ha ha!! love ya!

  3. Tonia your killing the finished product lol

  4. I will ....I will....i hope it lives up to your expectations girls!! lol

  5. I think it turned out nice!
    See more!