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Sunday, February 17, 2013


Some days are just made for relaxing.....and today was NOT one of those days!!

I awoke about 2 hrs later than i wanted to...which put me so behind schedule...which gets me all worked up and stressed out..and GEESH...i haven't even had my coffee yet!!

Then i promised my little man that i would make homemade waffles....they were awesome...but threw me off my schedule even further! 

While cleaning the kitchen...i came across the bag of goodies i was supposed to make into a valentine treat for little man's class. 
Pretzels, m & m's, and Hug kisses!
 Well.....what kind of mom would i be if i didn't make good of my promise i made and had to postpone because i was terribly sick??

So we made treats together!!

He did an awesome job....and he even took this picture!! I think its great!! Probably better than me!

They were so good...but then i had to clean up after THAT mess!  Hee hee!
I did manage to clean the laundry room, kitchen, one bathroom, living room, and vacuum most of the i still did good.

After cooking a sunday dinner of roasted chicken, asparagus, roasted red potatoes, and corn, i had to clean the kitchen again!  Whew....what happened to relaxing on Sundays??

Now i am getting ready to light a candle, cozy in under my quilt, and start hooking on my newest project:
It's a table runner with three acorns across the center. I already like the way its turning out!

I was going to go to my craft corner and do some painting:
But my craft corner happens to be in my bedroom...and dear hubby has decided to go to bed early tonight after eating. Poor thing has worked two weeks straight and lots of overtime during the week!! So i decided i wasn't going to complain!! 

This box used to be a planter...but because my thumb isn't green...the plant is no longer with us! Hee hee!!
I took the plastic liner out and decided i am going to use it as a recipe box. 
Its also a music i don't think i can line it with fabric the way i wanted...but that's ok...i might just leave it black...i won't know til i get started!! 
Found some artists paint at Hobby Lobby on sale the other day for less than $ of course i have to try it!
Then sand ...and stain..and make it prim. The front has a window that i can put a pic in many options there!! 

I'm off now to light that candle and get cozy!

Until next time,

God bless,

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