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Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day In Michigan!!!

I love looking outside my window and seeing such a peaceful scene:
It is so peaceful and beautiful......

But walking outside it hits you smack  in the face with a biting wind and sleet mixed in...HOLY COW!! 
I battled with myself deciding if i should send the kids to school ...and was reassured by others that it was safe enough...

That leaves me with a full day of "ME TIME"! 
 I know...what is that you say??
This means i can do whatever i want with my time today...
AFter cleaning my bathrooms and some laundry of course...
I am still a mom and some things just have to get done!!
Yesterday i stopped by the local Salvation Army Thrift Store and found a few things....such as some really awesome pillowcases which i am going to rip and crochet into some chair pads for my kitchen table. I have been looking for just the right ones to do this project for some time and was so excited to find four different designs that work together so well! 

These are some more "treasures" i found yesterday.
I'm not sure what you would call the wooden "thing"..but i'm going to paint it with chalk paint and see what happens.
For a small price of $2.99....i can't wait to see!!
And the wool paid $2.99 for three skirts which gave me all this!! 
I can't begin to tell you how happy that makes me! I love to put it in my wool cubby and see the colors mesh with the other wool...
makes the creative wheels start turning!

And these are the supplies for today's "must do" project!
I made some of these for my mom and sisters..and have been waiting for the wooden piece so i could make my own...and today is the perfect day! 
I know the suspense is killing ya all...but you will have to wait to see what this will become!
You are going to want to do one yourself ...i promise! 

Until next time....I hope you get to enjoy your day as much as i'm going to enjoy mine!!

God Bless,

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