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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to bind a hooked rug....???

I know i have said this before...but i taught myself how "hook" a rug. 
Its not very hard...pretty easy once you get started and really get the hang of it.
This was my first attempt at hooking with wool strips....i didn't even have any kind of frame and had to use an embroidery hoop. Not my favorite...but it worked! 
And here it is finished...don't mind the cute little doggy face smiling at ya!! I'm  a "hooker" not a photographer...LOL!!
I caught on and have done several projects using both wool strips and wool yarn...i love both textiles for different reasons.
                 This  one is made using wool yarn.....
               This one is made using wool fabric.....

The one problem i have had learning how to hook is how to bind the rugs when i am done...i have searched..and searched...and searched...and finally...FINALLY...found the perfect instructions!! 

She shows the best close up pictures and explains each and every step...because...hey...we aren't all experts who know all the lingo if ya know what i mean!!

So i thought i would share in case anyone else out there was wondering like myself.

Until next time!

God Bless,

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