The Primitive Roost...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another one down...part 2... is the photo of the finished cabinet....
 It holds my music cd's and my phone on top....once again..wish i had a better camera to take pics with! some bloggers have the best photos and i get so jealous!! lol

 Here is a closer look at how the chalk paint looks and how i sanded the edges just a bit...i LOVE doing that!!  And i also love the seals the paint without giving it a shine...

THis is what i use now...its my new favorite craft supply!!
Seriously...the only place i could find this was at Home Depot!
No other store in my area had even heard of it!! Weird i thought...but true story. The people at Aco just kept looking at me like my face was turning!!

I have been doing some easy crafting this past week...a.k.a...crochet.
I can sit quietly and just work...something i really needed to let myself do!
I made these little pads for my "O cedar" mop. Now i don't have to buy extra pads. I used 100% cotton...the same i use to make my dishrags.
My mop has velcro on the bottom so these just stick right to it. I just had to make sure they fit the bottom just right so the velcro thingys don't scratch my floor. 
Just use and throw into the washing easy...and they only took about an hour to expert would have them done in about 10-15!!

I have also made 2 of the 4 chair pads i'm making for my kitchen chairs. I love them so far. They are all a different color...but from the same color families...mix matchy and i love it!!! 

Gotta go!

Until next time,

God bless!!!



  1. oooh, Yay! I love it. I've always wanted to try the chalk paint. And I like using the paste wax too - but it's such a pain to do the buffing. Maybe I was trying to hard? I found an old wooden kids rocking chair at a thrift store that my brother had when he was a kid. I took it apart and refinished it for his little girl for Christmas so she could have the same chair her daddy did. It turned out really nice - well, the cushions were a different story cuz I can't sew. But still, it was cute. I'll have to post a FB pic. :) you might try using stain as a sealer sometime... yes, stain. I know, sounds weird, right? but it works really good - and no need for buffing. It made my satin paint a little glossier though but it really adds depth and tone to the finish. Lots of crafters use the Minwax "Special Walnut" as their go-to color for stain over any color paint.

  2. I do use usually adds a more "prim" touch to the color...but i am just in love with the wax. It does take some effort to buff...but that's what crafting is all about!! And i bet the rocking chair "rocked"!! lol