The Primitive Roost...

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Yesterday was the "official" first day of spring...
Not sure where you live...but it sure didn't feel like it here!!

A high of 25 and the wind was so strong it made it feel like 5!


But this morning...while walking in the door....i noticed something small....and a little green!

What could it be????

  Well its hard to tell from my awesome photography skills...but there is some green in there!! 
Now...i know some are tulips, and some are hyacinths....i just can't remember what i planted where!!
So it will truly be a surprise in a few days!!  LOL...

It just goes to DOES go matter what is happening around it!

So get enjoy your day today..because somewhere happiness is blooming and its your job to go out there and find it!!

Until next time,

God bless!!


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