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Friday, March 22, 2013

Primitive Country Chair Pads Oh My....

Today i finished the chairpads i had started for my kitchen chairs! 
They were the perfect craft to do while i'm resting..wink, wink!

I started with 4 pillowcases...then quickly realized that wasn't went searching in my stash of sheets.
I got lucky!!
Found two that were perfect....i only had to use a little of maybe i can think of something else i can make to match with what is left!!
Then the fun begins!
I ripped them into thin strips (shh...i don't think i was supposed to be doing all that was pulling on my stomach muscles..but if you don't tell my dr..i won't either..LOL)
and then connected them and wound them into a nice ball.
And a crocheting we a went!! hee hee

I made four..all mix matchy and early country looking...i ADORE the look!

Don't they look so beautiful?

  The colors are exactly what i wanted...even though i'm sure that will change as soon as i put them on the chairs and one of my littles has a spill!
They look absolutely wonderful with the rest of my prims...and the light colors really add a touch of spring to the decor! 

Total love! 

Now i'm off to finish the toothbrush rug i started months ago and have neglected....another easy craft i can accomplish while i'm "resting"!!

Hee hee!!

Until next time,

God bless!



  1. I can see why you adore them Tonia...very very cute!
    My mil use to make these and rugs.

  2. Thank you Earlene...i'm just hoping i get to enjoy them before the kids ruin them!! lol