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Friday, July 27, 2012

New Project In The Works!!

Ok....i am getting ready for a craft show at my local high school. I love sellin my work there...everyone is so nice and it supports the school my children go to. 
Here's the problem...

I am the world's best procrastinator!!!

I have known about this show since last October...yep...LAST October...and i do NOT have very many projects finished! It is now the end of July...which only leaves me 3 months to get a good stash ready. I swear i can only do my best work under pressure....or at least that's what i like to tell myself!! Hee hee!

So.....i went thrifting again yesterday...and let me tell you...someone is out there "stealing" all my wool! How am i gonna hook if i don't have any wool?? Hee hee!
I did find a nice little stash...1 blazer and 5 pants.
 I still have to cut it up and "wash" it....and then decide if i want to dye some or leave it until the right project comes along....hmmmmm!

I found a little step stool a few weeks ago and i just knew it would be adorable if i painted it and upholstered the top with a hooking. Now i have never done this before so there are no guarantees on how it will turn out, but you have to learn by trying ..right??

Here is the design i decided on...
I have already started hookin it and am loving it already!! 
My son says it looks like a 3-headed alien....that little stinker!
He is my biggest critic..and you know kids..they love to be honest!! 
I find it hard to decide on what colors as i go along...and seem to pull out as many "noodles" as i hook! Oh well...i'm just a beginner.

Oh...and i forgot to post a picture of the wool i dyed with the orange didn't turn out so i took the wool out of the bath and added red and yellow food coloring til it looked good to me...then put the wool back in. 
My camera just doesn't do it i guess you will just have to take my word for it!! LOL
I am very happy...and it will make a beautiful fall hooking i'm sure.
It's time to go hook some fingers are twitching!! 

Until next time, 

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