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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mason Jar Fun!!

As promised...i am posting "How to make a hand pump from an antique mason jar"!!
So easy....and actually pretty quick too!

Here's what ya need to get started:
 1. Antique mason jar..I used the small one..pint size i believe?
 2. New pump..i couldn't find one so i bought some hand soap and removed the pump from that!
 3. Needle nose pliers
 4. Sharpie marker
 5. Hammer
 6. Large nail...preferably one with a large head...easier to hit!
 7. Glue gun

First things first..remove the lid from the jar! LOL
Then, make a mark in the center of the lid with your marker..
 Take the nail and hammer and make a hole in the center of your mark...make sure it goes thru.
 It should look like this.....
 Now being very careful...remove the ceramic from the underside of the lid with the pliers...this is the most difficult part. I take mine outside and keep it away from your face!! When its removed, it should look like this....
Don't you just love my towel???  Hee hee!
Using your pliers, and working from the underside of the lid, pull on the edges of the hole you created to make it bigger...sounds hard but this metal is so easy to bend!! As the hole gets bigger, use the needle nose pliers to push into the hole and wiggle it around...this will give you a smoother edge!
 Keep doing this until the hole is big enough to push the hand pump through....
 Now i use a glue gun, but you can use whatever waterproof glue you like, and i glued the pump in place from the top and bottom....just to make sure it doesn't come loose...nothing worse than a wiggly hand pump!!
 I used a glue gun because if anything happens to the pump, which we know they can stop working properly, you can peel the glue from a glue gun off pretty easily if need be, where as some of the other glues are permanent...the choice is up to you!
Now all you have to do is fill your jar with the soap of your choice and put the lid back on....Whallllllllla!!! You have a new countrified hand soap dispenser...and it was hand made by you!!!

I hope you are inspired by this quick and easy craft to come of with more original ideas for your antique mason jars!! I would love to make a hanging light to put over my kitchen sink....what do you think???
Thanks for stopping by!!

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  2. I will have to come up with something just for you....hmmmm!! I love a good challenge.
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