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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Organizing my wool!!

Hooking has become my new passion...and with it comes the love of wool....and i mean tons of it!! 
It doesn't matter the color...or the pattern..or the feel of it...i just HAVE to have it.

This causes some problems:
1. The cost of wool can be so extreme
2. space
3. Time spent looking for wool
4. space
5. The way my mind races when i find new wool to find just 
     the right project
6. Oh yeah...did i mention space??

I only have a minimal amount of space in my small home to craft...and an even smaller space to store my supplies. Over the years i have become used to storing my supplies in off  the wall places to minimize the area they take up...but you can't always see what you have. This is a problem with wool...because you need to see all the beautiful colors and patterns so you can really put together a wonderful pattern.

Well.....i had all my wool in bags, and a rubbermaid plastic set of drawers. Not exactly a perfect set up.
I had bought a cabinet...not sure the official name...but i think its a server's cabinet??  Or maybe a Hoosier cabinet? Inside i had TONS of crafty iron, glue gun, paints, brushes, doo dads, you name it, it was in there. And while resting my head to sleep one night...a huge light bulb went off! What if i put my wool in there? Then all i have to do is open the doors and Whallla...there it is!

Don't fuss over the stuff on both sides of my cabinet....that is some of the stuff that was inside of the cabinet, and still hasn't found a home!! LOL

Now this is only about 1/3 of my wool, but you can appreciate where i'm going here! And look at all the room i still have to stack it ...nice and neat! It is actually wide enough for two stacks on each shelf, one in front of the other, but you just can't tell...@#$%^&* camera..LOL!
I will have to post more pics when i get it all finished, but its summer and only God knows when i will get a chance for that!

And before i leave, i would like to show you the progress i've made on my current project:
I have hooked the corners and added the leaves. I have the wool strips cut for the stems and vines and will be working on that whenever i can. 
Hopefully i have drawn the pattern right so it will cover the footstool i'm gonna upholster it with. I've never done it before so i am a little worried! 

Until next time, enjoy your summer before its gone!! 

Come again!!


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