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Thursday, July 12, 2012

I am a farmer!!

Okay....maybe not "quite" a farmer...but look at what i harvested from my garden so far....
 These made two quarts of kosher dill pickles and two bags of beans for the freezer. Trust me this is just the beginning! Plenty of beans and pickle cukes still growing...and don't get me started on my tomatoes!! WOW!!  I also have some broccoli and zuchini  and yellow squash to watch grow.

I would love to have a small farm one day with a huge garden, some chickens, a clothesline...and of course my little shop surrounded by beautiful flower and herb gardens!! Oh heaven, i would never leave!!

In order to get all that, i need to keep crafting and here are my latest creations!!
This is a table runner that i hooked using wool. It is the first piece i have hooked using my new hookers frame i found while antiquing in Allen, Mi.  You can not even imagine my excitement when i found it....actually, i almost tripped on it! 
It was on the floor of a cute little shop, and after flipping the tag i just had to have it!! 
Here is a closer look at the tan sheep....because isn't there always one "sheep" who  stands out in a crowd?? Hee hee!!
 The other day my little man came thrifting with me and we had a wonderful time!! I miss having my "alone" time with him since he is now in i took full advantage of the day!! 
While out we found this tray...not really old, but i knew i had to have it...and of course he agreed!!
 I didn't know what i was going to do with it until i was lying in bed that night and a light bulb went off! ( isn't that when all good ideas seem to come...right before you drift off??)
I painted it with brown chalkboard paint, made some burlap roses, and doodled with some chalk.....and whallla!!
What a cute little sign to put out while at the craft shows!! And i can erase it and put special messages like 
                              "thank you"
                               "sale today"

Here is a close up pic of the burlap roses:

      Actually, one is made with tea dyed muslin, but aren't they just the cutest!!??  I love how they turned out!! If i had a better camera, you could tell there is a button glued to the center of the biggest one, just to add a little something extra, of course!!

Well, that is all for now, but i am getting the supplies together for the next i am off!! 

Thanks for stopping by!!
Until next time.....


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