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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Is this Magic??

I know that this blog is supposed to be about my journey thru the crafting world, but i found the best tip ever yesterday and just had to share!!

I grabbed this book....


Written by: Mary Hunt.

First...wonderful book! Full of great tips
Second....this is my fave...

When washing a pan or casserole dish that has baked "crud" all over it...don't worry about wasting tons of time scrubbing....just fill the pan with warm water and place a used fabric softener sheet in the water....then just sit back, sip on a glass of iced tea and wait..for about an hour...and presto...the "crud" will just wipe right out!! 
It really did work!! I even have photos to prove it:
 This is my pan with cooked on hamburger grease...gross!! And not to mention a pain in the keester to scrub...right? Not anymore!! 
 Can you believe it???  Look at that shine!! 
Now think of all the projects you can start instead of spending so much time scrubbing!! 

Here are some peeks of my next project......

 I'm dying some wool using orange kool-aid mix...sounds funny, but it really works...and there are no harmful fumes or chemicals to worry about.  Safe for the little ones to help me...that is my son's little hand helping push down the wool. 
I can already tell though that i am going to have to make a 2nd attempt using more kool-aid.  I'm trying to dye over the grey and the darker tan to see what happens, but even the cream color didn't take very well. I love to experiment to see what colors i can create, they make such interesting rugs!!

That's it for now...make sure to come back and visit soon so you can see what i eventually create using this!!

Until next time, 


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