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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Stool is Almost Done!!

I have finished the "hooking" part of the stool:

I'm not going to's not my favorite design....but i do like it!!

Here is a closer look :
I have never had anyone show me how to hook...i seriously taught myself the art by watching utube videos and surfing the blog world. So when i look at my own work, its hard to tell if i am doing it right. I think that i make my rows too close together and way too tight. I am going to try and work on this with my next design and see how it works. 
I do know that it would be more uniform if all the strips of wool were cut exactly the same...but alas....i don't own a "wool cutter" and lets just say straight lines aren't my "thing"!!   Hee hee!!
It's still my passion and i am going to keep creating ....even if its not "up to standards"!  LOL!

If anyone out there knows any hints or has some constructive criticism...i would accept it gratefully!

I can't wait to finish upholstering the stool so i can show you the final project. There is nothing better than making something yourself and showing the results!

I found these wooden bowls on one of my adventures...
I'm going to paint them and "prim" them up a little to sell..unless of course i love them...then i might have to find a spot right here at the "Roost" for them...LOL! 
Just the words my husband loves to hear!! Hee hee

I also found these sconces that i have already primed:
Again....paint these and "prim" them....i also found some "primmy" candle wraps to put around them. I'm thinking black...its my favorite right now. The only problem is i don't know if i should sell them as a set....or seperately?  Hmmmmm???
Oh well.....the craft show is in a two months....and i am well on my way to filling my booth. 
I wish the economy was better though...not many people have the money, or are willing to spend what they have, on crafts. I think we have a learned some valuable lessons about spending during this long recession!

Speaking of that....this summer has been FULL of fun...all without spending tons of money! One of the great days we had was spent at the Monroe Art Festival!! 
It was just my littles and I out scouting the local talent...and boy are they talented!!
I would have taken some pictures..but i learned long ago that artists don't always appreciate that!
But here are some samples of art that my kids had done too them:
Here is little man's glittery tattoo! See how it sparkles in the sun?? He was so proud of that! The darn thing is still hanging on too...almost a week and a half later!!
And here is my beautiful daughter modeling her face painting and matching lips!! WOW!

We had lots of fun and the children asked the artists lots of questions about their crafts! They love to learn new things and how they are done. I hope they never outgrow that!

Well....i'm off to finish straightening up my craft area...i am almost done and will have to take pics to show you when its done! It will make crafting much easier to be able to see what i have at a glance...and to actually have space too craft!! lol

Until next time.....



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