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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Hooking!!

Seems like time has flown by since the last post....and I guess it has!! 
I have been so busy with getting the kids ready for school and doing last of the summer outings that i haven't had a chance to craft, never the less, post a blog!! 

BUT....somewhere in the there i squeaked out enough time to finish the sconces i started:
This is the before picture again, just in case you missed them the first time...

And here is the after! I love how they turned out....i'm hoping someone else will like them just as much!

 Just a little bit closer all they need is a hand rolled candle and they will be "prim" perfect!
I've also been hooking a tad too...cuz you know....i just can't sit while watching t.v. at night with my family...i pick up the frame and work my "wooly magic"!! Hee hee....sounds good don't it!
This is a sheep i hooked with 100% wool rug yarn:
 Working with yarn is so much quicker than working with the wool fabric. You don't have to make sure that every strip is going in the same direction and it just flows better i think. But i can't find that kind of yarn around here and have to order it online. 
Now i'm an old fashion kinda girl..and that is scary to me!! 
Quit laughing...i know its silly....but the thought of using my card over the internet is frightening! 
So i found a woman who has a little web shop and she spins her own yarn....and hooks too!! She has the best of both worlds i say! 
Well....she is a dear and sends me her yarn with an old fashion, hand written receipt! Did you read that??  Hand written!! I love it! Then i just send her a wonderful!!

So anyway..... i hooked this candle mat and had enough yarn left over for some coasters. I still need to bind them and iron them again so they lay nice and flat. I love to see my little drawings come to satisfying! 
 Sitting here in the peace and quiet, drinking a cup of coffee, i'm thinking that maybe i will make Tuesdays my posting day! What an idea!! This is my day that i can wave good bye to my littles and then have the rest of my morning to do what i want...and what better way to spend it then crafting and sharing it with my "blog" family! I know there aren't many of you...but i appreciate every one of you!
And maybe that way it will inspire me to continue making crafting an everyday thing, because i will have someone to share it with!!

Until next time,


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