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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So Busy!!

Boy have i been busy!!!

I am participating in a craft show this weekend to help support the local High School..and i had lots to Create!!

First...I finished the stool i have been working on...and personally...its not what i expected...but i still like it! 
You can see it in the top left corner...and then you can see the top in the next photo.
If you look close you can see that i wrapped and glued twine around the bottom edge....because my math skills are lacking..Ha ha!! I didn't quite make it big enough to staple it to the bottom, then had to hide all the ugly staples...oh well..we learn as we go i guess!

I also hand dipped some "chubs" as i like to call them and they are going to make my booth smell so nice. 
Dipping the candles was fun and easier to do then i thought...i will share how i did it next time...i still have so much to do to tie it all together. 
Pricing is the worst part and i always leave that to the last...i don't want to price too high...but i also have to make sure i get what i put into it! 
I need a price chart to make it all easier!! Hee hee!
I'm off until next time!! If you are in the area...come stop by and say's in Carleton, Mi....just follow the can't miss them!!

God bless!


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