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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Toothbrush Rugs.....

When i started searching the internet for videos on how to Hook...i came across a youtube video on how to make a toothbrush rug...well, curiousity got me and i just had to see how to do it...a passion was created!!! 
It is so easy...but very addicting...i started collecting sheets of all colors and patterns, had my husband make me a large needle from a toothbrush and away i went!!  I do believe everyone in my family has a rug i made...and i sold quite a few too! They are very durable and last forever...and are very comfortable under your feet! 

 This is the beginning of one i made for my brother in law using all his old camoflauge shirts...very hard...but worth it!

 This was a special order for a little girls room...i had to dye a white cotton sheet to get the right pink to match her curtains. How sweet is that!

 These are so easy to make ...and easy to take! It is a craft you can take to the park, doctor's office...or like in my case..all your kids sporting events and practices!! LOL
Just be prepared..people are very curious as to what you are doing and will ask you to show have fun and share!!

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