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Thursday, June 7, 2012

My First Hookings!!

I Thought I would  share my first samples of hooking with you!

This was the first sample i finished using handspun wool was so easy to work with and quick too. You don't have to worry about which way the yarn is facing which makes such a difference i think. I bought the yarn from a woman named Judy Taylor. She spins her own yarn and is a delight to work with.  You can send her paint chips or scraps of fabric...whatever you have...and she will dye the wool yarn to match...How Wonderful!! The name of her shop is 
"The Little House of Rugs". Do look her won't regret it!!

                                    My piles of "noodles"!! I have to cut them the old fashion way..scissors. One day i would love to invest in a cutting tool...i'm not sure of their "proper" name..but they are scissors will do for now! LOL
                                  This is my pattern drawn on the monk's cloth...i really do prefer old fashion burlap though!
                                And here is the finished mat....what do you think?? I need a better camera so i can take better pictures...but you get the idea!! I love how this turned out...Don't you??

 Wait until next time and i will show you what i am working on now....I'm already in love!! LOL!!

Until next time prim friends, 



  1. Looks great! Did you buy the pattern? How long do they take?

    1. Thank you!! I just doodled the design...they are primitive so there is no worries that they look exact..Thank God!! lol