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Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Rug....

I have been doing little odds and ends jobs around the house for a few days...not my idea of fun...but i want to get them done before the weather gets nice and warm.
One of those was to clean out my son's bedroom i said..not my idea of fun!

I came across his old sheets with the Wishbone dog on them and was putting them in the bag to give to his little cousin, when he came in. Now..i have learned years ago to do these kind of chores when they are at school, that way they aren't there to see what you are giving/donating/throwing away....and this is the very reason why!

"What are ya doing mom?"
"Well...i'm giving Jakob your old sheets."
"Why ?"
"Because you don't use them anymore and he will love them"
"Since you are going to just give them away...can't you PLEASE make me a rug? I still love my can't give them away..."
   And then he says this...
"You make everyone else rugs...why haven't you made me one...i want you to make me one with my dog sheets..PLEASE!! I will love you forever...and i can keep it forever!!"

Little stinker...that's all i have to say!

So ...needless to is the rug in progress:  

Kids know just the right words to say to pull your heart strings so they can get exactly what they want!!

Not sure exactly where on his floor he is going to be able to put it...but i'm sure he will try!

Well.. off to work on the rug so i can start on some new projects.

Until next time!

God bless,


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